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10 Things you should know about Eclipse Phase

Eclipse Phase can be pretty dense with new science fiction concepts. Here are ten things you should know:

  1. Your experiences and personality are called Ego and can be backed up like a computer file. This information is contained in an implant you have called a cortical stack. If you die, your stack can be used to return you to a new body. If your stack is lost, you may have to be restored from an older backup you may have made somewhere else.
  2. Your body is called a “morph”. There are three types of morphs, biomorphs, synthmorphs, and infomorphs. Biomorphs are people grown in vats and are genetically enhanced to avoid many of the diseases that plague us today. Synthmorphs are mechanical in nature and can be anything from a robotic dragonfly to a large spider tank. An Infomorph exists just on the Mesh. Moving into a morph is called “sleeving”.
  3. “The Mesh” is pretty much the Internet of tomorrow. You are likely to have a “Mesh Insert” which allows you to directly connect to it wirelessly. You can do Mesh searches at a whim and is very much tied into your day to day life for everything from blogging to games. Like wireless of today, there may be slowness.
  4. You have a personal assistant called a “Muse”. This limited AI can do searches for you, make appointments on a calendar and even order prescriptions for you when it senses a headache coming on.
  5. Humanity has developed the ability to create things at a molecular level called nanofabrication. Like those shoes? You just need to get the blueprint and print yourself a copy. The printers are called fabbers and there are several models. Some models make food and drink, others can make starships given enough time and materials.
  6. Humanity doesn’t just live on Earth anymore. We have colonies on the Moon, Mars, Venus, Jupiter and many other places. We do not have Faster Than Light (FTL) travel though so it takes a long time to move physically between places. In many cases you can just upload your Ego to the new place and rent a morph.
  7. Humanity has upgraded some of the smarter animals, like ravens and octopi to human levels of intelligence. They are called “Uplifts”.
  8. Humanity has built massive Artificial Intelligences (AI), called TITANs which were used to defend the Earth. Humanity has built smaller AIs for many things called Artificial General Intelligences which are artificially limited in ability.
  9. Humanity entered a war with the TITANs. For over a year we fought tooth and nail with our own defense systems. After practically committing genocide on the human race, the TITANs just disappeared taking untold numbers of Egos with them. The Earth was left mostly uninhabitable. Humanity now ekes out a living just about anywhere we can. There are around 1 billion humans left.
  10. Lastly, Eclipse Phase is Creative Commons Licensed. You can download a copy for free if you like. If you enjoy the game and would like to reward the writers, you can purchase it from your local gaming store (which is preferred by the authors of the game as they get more money from it and it keeps the local game store in business), or you can purchase the PDFs online at

Thanks to David Cooper for this description.

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